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5. Drink Cheerwine
This will prepare your body’s system for camp food, the Snack Shack and the milk chug challenge.

4. Go Swimming
We will be doing a ton of aquatic activities; whitewater rafting, puddle jumping, tubing and rocking out on the new SWO water slide; get some practice in. Just remember the water here is MUCH warmer that it will be at camp.

3. Sleep In Your Backyard
Camp is jam packed with exciting activities and relevant Bile study, but you gotta get your rest. Sleeping in the camp bunks can be intense; get a jump start by practicing in your yard this week.

2. Read Over the Packing List THOROUGHLY
Undoubtedly some of you will leave behind crucial items that you will need at camp. Others of you will bring items that should never have been packed in the first place!! Read over the list and abide by it!!
Here is an example:
BRING: a sleeping bag and pillow
DO NOT BRING: a poopy attitude!

1. Read, Pray, Think!
As we prepare for Camp SWO, many of us will head to the store to buy items, we will pack our bags, some of you will even plan out your outfits for each day of camp. None of this type of preperation is a bad thing but none of it is nearly as important as preparing your hearts and minds spiritually for what God wants to do in your lives at Camp!! Preparing spiritually for what God will do at camp is the single most important task you can accomplish before camp.
Consider 2 Chronicles 12:14:
And he did evil, for he did not set his heart to seek the Lord. (ESV)

As we just learned in our Jesus+Nothing=Everything series, our hearts are black with sin, and if we do not prepare our hearts for God, it can have devasting effects. This verse is speaking of Rehoboam, the king of Israel, who was the grandson of David. He inherited the throne when he was 41 years old, at the death of his father Solomon. As his reign began his heart was sensitive to the Lord. He turned back from battle simply because of a prophet who spoke to him in the name of the Lord (2 Chr. 11:1-4).

However, his seeking the Lord only lasted for three of the 17 years of his reign (2 Chr. 11:17). Sound familiar? It certainly does to me. Camp can be a great experience for many of us. It can be a watershed moment in our spiritual journeys; I can think back to last summer when God worked in many of our students lives in incredible ways. Unfortunately, however, Camp can become an isolated moment; a spiritual high only to be overcome by life when the student returns home. I believe that it is not only what happens after camp that is important but what happens before camp that can truly make camp a life changing week. This starts with preparing our hearts. I want to challenge all of you to take time each day this week leading up to camp to read your bibles(proverbs is a great place to start), pray and spend time along with God.

Camp is going to be INCREDIBLE! Just prepare your hearts so that you can be ready to receive all that God has in store for you!

-Rob Jr.

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